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Budget Cab is a smartphone app which provides on-demand service to users. It connects willing passengers to cab drivers.Cab drivers to use their own cars when providing cab service and Budget Cab gets 10% of the fare. The total process is very simple, registered Budget Cab users requests for a cab using the app or call the Hotlines, a Budget Cab driver will be dispatched to the passenger’s location to assist the passengers to reach his destination. And the passenger pays with debit card or cash.

How it Works

The Cab Driver

Anyone with a driving license and a car can apply for Budget Cab driver in any Budget Cab covered cities. After screening, the driver is enlisted in the system. This provides a steady income to anyone with a car without additional hazard or investment.

The Passenger

Budget Cab users downloads the Budget Cab app to their phones and if they need a cab, they request one via the app or call the hotlines. They can also track the cab on their phone as it approaches. This service is convenient for the passengers, as it provides them relatively low cost comfortable service.

Fare and Payment

Budget Cab sells Ride Time Card to drivers on the platform and the card is charged based on the distance covered and the time expended on each trip. Budget Cab takes 10% of the fare paid by each passenger while driver takes 90%. Premium fare during peak hours and flat rate for off peak hours. Passengers can pay with their Debit cards or cash. The fare is based on car type, distance and peak hour. Payment is secure because passengers pay via debit card using the app or cash.

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